These cards (set of 8) are in A4 size.

This chart offers an in-depth look at some basic developmental movement patterns with emphasis on how to address the neurological pattern-making that is perhaps imbedded in the human system as early as conception. Regular practice of the Building Block Activities presented in this manual will promote joy and ease in achieving basic skills such as walking, talking or simply staying on task.

Cecilia Koester has developed a simple system or program to integrate the brain through the use of these simple activities that re-visit our neurologically based movement patterns. As these patterns are repeated, the child/adult learns, or relearns, how to function with greater ease.

Drawing from the expertise of a number of respected resources, Cecilia Koester has moved forward with a unique and simple set of steps that can be easily utilized by therapist, teachers, parents and caregivers. This manual presents this body of work in a concise and user-friendly style.


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